Entourage to Outlook Converter Usage Instructions

Entourage to Outlook Converter is a complete end-to-end solution for quick and hassle-free transfer of Entourage messages to Outlook. The program was initially designed to be a tool for users with minimal or no experience in data migration of any sort. Its intuitive user interface has just the necessary controls and the entire migration procedure requires a couple of mouse clicks, making it a task that even complete rookies can handle on their own. The most important advantage of Entourage to Outlook Converter is the fact that it does not require any additional manual actions in the middle of the conversion process, which is often the case with its competitors. The only part of the process that does require user involvement is the initial preparation of data. Entourage to Outlook Converter helps users transfer their entire email archive, regardless of its size, from Mac-based Entourage to a copy of Outlook installed on a PC in no time.
The main problem of any data migration, and specifically Entourage to Outlook email migration, is the incompatibility of source and destination formats. This incompatibility pertains to both the base format and the encoding of the messages being transferred. Therefore, even if the user manages to solve the format conversion problem, different encodings can make emails completely unreadable. Entourage to Outlook Converter efficiently solves both of these problems and makes sure that all of the messages you sent and received on your Mac are transferred to Outlook and appear 100% readable!

  • Since Entourage to Outlook email migration implies the transfer of data from one system to another, the process starts with preparing the data to be converted to Outlook.
Follow these steps to transfer email messages from Entourage to Outlook:

  1. Open Entourage on your Mac and select the folders to be converted. Drag and drop folders onto your desktop one by one. Each folder will be automatically converted into an MBOX file in the *.mbx format. Continue until you have converted all the necessary folders.
  2. Copy or move the MBOX files from your Mac desktop to an external HDD, a USB drive or use any other method of transferring the files from the Mac to the PC (CD/DVD disc, LAN, cloud storage, email, IM file transfer, etc).
  3. Once on your PC, the files are ready for conversion. For convenience, move them to the same folder.
  4. Start Entourage to Outlook Converter. Specify the source folder using the standard folder selection dialog that is opened by clicking the button with three dots next to the “Source Folder” field. After that, click the “Find storages” button to make the program recursively search for MBOX files in the specified folder. The names of the detected *.mbx files and paths to them will be added to the Mailbox File column of the main program table.
  5. Click the “Import” button to start importing messages to Outlook. Entourage to Outlook Converter will prompt you for the name of the destination Outlook folder the messages will be saved to. Although the root folder seems to be the most obvious choice, mind that if any two or more folder names match, their contents will be merged, which may be undesirable. The progress of Entourage to Outlook email migration can be tracked via two progress bars at the bottom representing preprocessing and import processes.
  6. Once the conversion has finished, the program can be closed.

This is the final step of Entourage to Outlook export process. Should you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us using on-line contact form.