What is Entourage to Outlook Converter?

Entourage to Outlook Converter provides everything you need to convert all Entourage messages and attachments stored on your Mac to a copy of Outlook installed on a PC. Unlike similar solutions available on the market, this Entourage Converter software offers one-click direct transfer to Outlook and does not require additional tools or intermediate conversions. This is a perfect tool for users who need to urgently switch from Mac to PC and transfer the contents of their Entourage mailboxes to Outlook.

Why use a converter?

Can’t I do it using standard Entourage/Outlook functionality?

Unfortunately, Entourage does not offer any standard means of cross-platform conversion. Messages and attachments are stored in a proprietary format that is not supported by other email applications, such as Outlook. Therefore, email migration from Mac to PC or Entourage to Outlook turns into a complex task that requires specialized third-party software, such as Entourage to Outlook Converter.

What are the key benefits of Entourage to Outlook Converter?

How is it better than alternative solutions?

  • Clean, minimalistic and intuitive user interface

    Clean, minimalistic and intuitive user interface

    Entourage to Outlook Converter was created for the average user who knows nothing about the intricacies of cross-format conversion. The interface of the program features just the necessary controls for completing the migration and the entire process requires absolutely no special skills or knowledge of the email formats involved.

  • Direct one-click transfer of Entourage data to Outlook

    Direct one-click transfer of Entourage data to Outlook

    Entourage to Outlook Converter does not require any additional tools, such as converters, parsers or encoders, to transfer the contents of Entourage MBOX files to Outlook. All you need to do to get the ball rolling is to prepare the initial set of data and feed it to the program. The rest will be done automatically. Forget about additional manipulations with mailbox files and don’t risk losing or corrupting your data by passing them through several conversion steps.

  • Migration of data from corrupted Entourage mailboxes

    Migration of data from corrupted Entourage mailboxes

    Thanks to an advanced data conversion engine, Entourage to Outlook Converter will help you transfer your emails to Outlook even if the source data file is damaged. No other tool on the market is capable of doing that with accuracy and efficiency offered by this software.

  • Full support of all Entourage and Outlook versions

    Full support of all Entourage and Outlook versions

    Entourage to Outlook Converter supports all versions of Entourage and Outlook, so you won’t have any problems transferring data from a fairly old version of Entourage to the latest version of Outlook, and vice versa.

  • Automatic conversion of Entourage encoding for 100% Outlook compatibility

    Automatic conversion of Entourage encoding for 100% Outlook compatibility

    Entourage to Outlook Converter automatically converts the native Mac encoding to that of Outlook to ensure that your messages are fully readable, no matter what language they are in.

  • Support of Entourage mailboxes of any size

    Support of Entourage mailboxes of any size

    Entourage to Outlook Converter works with source Entourage files of any size and successfully transfers data from them to the Outlook PST format.


Racking your brains over moving your Entourage emails to Outlook? We’ve got a solution!

When it comes to moving large volumes of data from one application to another, compatibility and data integrity issues come to the forefront. In case of Entourage to Outlook conversion, we are looking at properly extracting email files from the source mailbox files, converting their encoding and overall format, and saving them in the right format ready to be imported into the destination program. All of this is covered by Entourage to Outlook Converter!

Entourage to Outlook Converter is an all-in-one Entourage to Outlook (MBOX to PST) migration solution that handles every step of the conversion process, ensures consistent quality of conversion regardless of the number of files and their size, and requires the user to perform the only manual operation: physical transfer of emails exported from Entourage to the PC. The interface of the program consists of several simple steps of a built-in recovery wizard offering the highest level of process automation and ease of use.

The basic algorithm of Entourage to Outlook conversion looks like this:

1. On the Mac, drag and drop the necessary mailboxes onto the desktop to create MBOX files
2. Copy the files to the destination PC using any method you find appropriate
3. Start Entourage to Outlook Converter and select the folder containing the MBOX files
4. Click Import to start converting your messages to Outlook. Prior to starting the process, the program will prompt you for the name of the destination Outlook folder.

ATTENTION: Choosing the root folder is not recommended if you are not exporting to freshly-installed copy of Outlook. If the name of the destination Outlook folder and the name of an MBOX files match, their contents will be merged, which may be undesirable.

These four simple steps will solve your email migration problem and save you tons of your precious time. Isn’t this a reason convincing enough to try Entourage to Outlook Converted in action right away?

Don’t wait any longer, download Entourage converter now and give it a test drive. You will be surprised to see the power of this small tool!

If the time has come for you to replace your old Mac with a brand-new PC and you need your old emails in Outlook, look no further than Entourage to Outlook Converter! A huge time saver, this program will make the transition a smooth, fast and hassle-free experience.

Our Users Say That

Some testimonials from our users

I don’t usually write testimonials, but that’s a totally different case and I feel I owe you this one. I spent a couple of days googling for a solution that would help me move all of my Entourage emails to Outlook – and they had all sorts of problems and “yes, buts”. Your tool offered everything I needed in a single package and worked like a charm, which was exactly what I was looking for. Mission accomplished, gentlemen. I highly recommend Entourage to Outlook Converter to anyone!
Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher
Guys, just wanted to drop a couple of lines and thank you for the great work you’ve done with Entourage to Outlook Converter. Going from Mac to PC was a pain on its own, but transferring my emails to my new workstation was an even bigger problem, since these are literally two worlds apart. Kudos to you for making it such a no-brainer. I was able to complete the transaction in under 20 minutes. Excellent tool!
Alison Lee
Alison Lee
I never thought that email migration could be such a pain in the neck, but when it came to switching from my old Mac to a corporate PC laptop, I realized the scale of the disaster and tried a few tricks I found on the web, all in vain. Thank you guys for releasing a product that boils it down literally to a few clicks – it saved LOTS of my time, and that’s what I value the most in properly written software. Keep up the good work!
Doug Schmude
Doug Schmude

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